Julian Powell

Founder / Executive Director

Julian Powell is Music Share for Seniors’ Founder and Executive Director, and is responsible for overseeing the organization, managing the day to day operations, and orchestrating the short and long-term vision for the organization. He founded Music Share for Seniors in 2017 while completing his B.A. in Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU formerly Ryerson). With a pre-existing passion for social entrepreneurship, he was inspired by his time volunteering for Meals on Wheels, and thought that a similar, volunteer driven model, could function to support isolated seniors living in long-term care communities.

Julian has had a life-long passion for music exemplified through his certificate from Seneca College for Independent Music Production and his extensive background performing original music live. He witnessed the connective power of music first-hand and determined that it would be the best tool to help connect youth volunteers with seniors, encourage meaningful social interactions, and increase long-term program participation. Julian also has a background in grant writing and has used these skills to secure multiple grants for Music Share for Seniors thus far.

As an entrepreneur Julian is dedicated to designing systems that serve at risk populations in effective and sustainable ways. Throughout his time as a member of The Social Venture Zone at TMU he has developed the necessary skills to lead Music Share for Seniors and scale the organization. He has a passion for advocating for seniors living in LTC and hopes that his work with Music Share will encourage others to do so as well.

Jarret Maxwell

Director of Programs

Jarret Maxwell is Music Share for Seniors' Director of Programs, and is responsible for developing the organizations programs, supervising the student placements and volunteers who provide Music Share's programs, and ensuring the effective implementation of these programs across all the health care facilities we support.

Jarret acquired his BA in psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2016, is accredited for being a Volunteer Sibling for the sibling Coping Together Program, under the supervision of Dr. M. Barrera, from 2013 – 2015 at Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, and is a certified grievance counselor with the Bereaved Families of Ontario.

Jarret grew up with grandparents who played a major role in his emotional and social development throughout his life, and he cherishes the moments shared with his elders. He learned at a young age how to comfortably interact with older adults and during university, Jarret experienced what it was like for his grandmother to live in a long-term care community. He witnessed first hand how much time and effort was required to care for senior residents, and was profoundly impacted by this experience.

Jarret strives to strengthen the organization and provide clients with excellent customer service. By working with the health care facilities the organization serves and listening to their needs, Jarret has helped develop an organization that provides programming which is effective, affordable and accessible.

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