Placement Opportunities

Are you a post secondary student, studying a subject related to the health sciences? Are you looking for a meaningful placement position working with seniors?

Music Share for Seniors will provide you with a practical and impactful placement position, where you will provide music programming to vulnerable seniors living in a health care facility. We are currently partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University, York University, Seneca College, Sheridan College, George Brown College, and Durham College, in order to provide meaningful positions to as many students as possible.

Please check with your student faculty advisor to find out if Music Share for Seniors is already available for your field of study.


Celine - Program Facilitator

My time working with Music Share for Seniors has helped me open up my eyes to the power of music. The way the resident’s eyes lit up every time they heard familiar songs brought a joy in my heart that I never thought I could have. Listening to familiar music allows residents to connect with their past memories which made them smile, laugh and sometimes even cry. The beauty of Music Share for Seniors is that it allows people to connect with the senior population on a meaningful and intimate basis in which the program facilitators and residents share a space full of intense emotions. This is a program that I believe should be in all healthcare settings because music can provide a form of healing that no other treatment or medication can replace.

Kaylah - Program Facilitator

Working with Music Share has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. The staff I had the pleasure of working with were not only understanding, but also incredibly accommodating and made me feel welcomed from day one. The opportunity to work with residents was truly heartwarming and I am grateful for the positive impact it had on both the residents and myself.

Zsofia - Program Facilitator

I am so grateful to have been able to participate in the music program that Music Share for Seniors has created. This program has taught me so much about the hard work that goes into working in Long Term Care and how valuable this work is. During the 12 weeks I spent with the residents at Chartwell Woodhaven I have connected with each and every resident I saw. I was able to witness firsthand the joy that the music and quality time brought to residents, and not to mention the lucidity that some residents experienced.