Remote Playlisting

Music Share’s Remote Playlisting service provides older adults living in care facilities with personalized music playlists that can be accessed on devices owned and operated by the care facility.

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How It Works

Our Remote Playlisters build personalized music playlists on a unique Spotify account, based on participants’ responses to Music Share for Seniors’ Music Preference Questionnaire. These personalized playlists provide our participants with the opportunity to shape their own music listening experience and our Remote Playlisters consistently update our participants playlists with music from their favourite artists and genres.

How We Help

A unique Spotify account is created for your care community and participant playlists are available at any time via a device with Spotify installed. Playlists are routinely maintained by Music Share for Seniors remote playlisters, and new residents can be added to the account at anytime.

Health Benefits

A recent study by Leggieri et al., (2019) found that music is a non pharmacological intervention that can improve Alzheimer’s disease behavioural symptoms as it can be used as a relaxation technique.

In a study conducted by Kaufmann et al., (2018) their research discovered that older adults participating in music listening appeared to have fewer health complications compared to those that do not participate in music listening

What's Included

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Remote Playlisting

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