In-Person Programs

Music Share for Seniors’ In-Person program connects seniors living in care facilities with our trained Program Facilitators for one-to-one and small group music listening experiences.

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How It Works

Our program specifically focuses on individuals who are dealing with some form of Dementia, while also supporting residents managing additional physical and mental ailments that increase their risk of becoming isolated. During the sessions, senior participants are provided with familiar music that is specific to their personal histories and preferences in an effort to trigger memories, reconnect them with their past, and stimulate various areas of the brain involved in emotional processing.

How We Help

Our In-Person program has proven to be an effective way of reaching isolated seniors who are not currently participating in other available programs. Since our Program Facilitators can provide the program in the participants room, or in common areas, we are able to engage with our participants wherever they are most comfortable. Due to the fact that our participants choose the music they would like to hear, they are empowered to actively shape their own experience.

Health Benefits

A study conducted by Krzeczkowska et al., (2021) found that intergenerational engagement promotes social interactions and social connection, which improves the wellbeing among older adults.

A recent study shows that forming social bonds with residents reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by about 30% and improves overall mental well-being (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2020).

What's Included

One-to-One Interaction

Remote Playlisting

Equipment & Tech

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